Parking Programs

Go Green

At EasyPark we offer incentives that encourage you to help save the environment. We support a transport system that minimizes congestion and air pollution. Our greener customers can take advantage of the following discount programs.

Electric Vehicle Stalls

Electric Vehicle SignageThe City of Vancouver is working with BC Hydro, the BC Government and local government to support the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs).  As part of a conservation collaborative, the City of Vancouver and BC Hydro are leading an EV charging infrastructure pilot project for public charging - the Easy Charge Pilot Project.  

One of the first steps of the Easy Charge Pilot Project will be to test a range of Level II (240V) charge stations. The trial, the first such trial in the Province, will offer a number of vendors the chance to demonstrate their products and services at several EasyPark lots, in a transparent and open manner.

The trial is intentionally small in scope to focus attention on how stations will be installed, supported, utilized and integrated into the ‘smart-grid’. This information will inform potential larger station network deployments within the Province of British Columbia. The first EVSE units will be installed by June 21st 2011 at EasyPark Lot 57 – 453 10th Avenue. Additional units will be added at several EasyPark locations throughout the city over this year. Currently installed units can be found through VanMaps, Google (search for EVSE Vancouver, Canada) and some smartphone apps (PlugShare, Recargo and EV Charger Finder), while planned install locations are shown here. To provide feedback and comments on the new charging stations please contact

Rates for parking and charging your Electric Vehicle (EV) will be incorporated into one payment at the vehicle charging unit - $1.00 per hour (or portion thereof) with no maximum. This rate applies only while EV customers are parked in EV stalls and charging their vehicles. Electric Vehicles not charging must park in a regular stall and regular posted rates for that lot will apply.

Level II EV Charging Stations are currently installed at the following EasyPark locations:

  • Lot 44 – 490 Broughton
  • Lot 57 – 453 10th Avenue

Until the Easy Charge Project is fully implemented, the following will remain in effect:

 Electic Vehicle ChargingEasyPark has created stalls at Lots 31 & 40 near electrical outlets for the purpose of electric vehicles to recharge. These stalls are preferred stalls for electric vehicles, but are not reserved for electric vehicles at this time. The stall at Lot 31 is located on Level 6 on the Water Street side, to the left of the elevator lobby. The stall at lot 40 is located on level P1 next to the elevator. Additional stalls will be added as needed, especially as we near the launch of our EV Program later in the year.

Please contact:

Greg Watrych (604) 717-7364 E-mail: Greg Watrych

Car Pools

We strongly support ways to reduce traffic congestion. At all EasyPark attended lots, carpoolers receive 25% off the daily maximum rate. To qualify, carpoolers must be carrying a minimum of 3 people (driver plus 2 passengers), and you  must request the discount on exit at the cashier booth.

For current rates at our carpool lots check the locations below:
Lot #1 - 535 Hornby Street
Lot #9 - Pacific Centre
Lot #19 - 900 West Cordova Street
Lot #27 - 775 Hamilton Street
Lot #31 - 160 Water Street