Environmental and Social Sustainability

EasyPark’s Commitment to the Environment

Since EasyPark is a local, not-for-profit company, with no ties to an international parent company, all of our sustainability programs are focused on and aimed at local sustainability. EasyPark is committed to preserving the environment in a sustainable manner and has implemented a variety of initiatives to achieve this goal.

Climate ​Smart program. EasyPark is currently the only parking company that is enrolled in a local municipality's Climate Smart program, which was launched in 2011. EasyPark has been tracking our greenhouse gas emissions with Climate Smart since 2013. The company is committed to encouraging eco-friendly vehicles and reducing traffic congestion through installing EV charging stations and growing car share programs at our lots. To date, we have achieved an impressive 17% reduction in one of our largest emission sources ​by transitioning to LED lighting. EasyPark is Climate-Smart-certified for 2020. 

Carbon Offset Program. EasyPark joined the City of Vancouver’s Climate Leaders Program and placed two senior people into the training program to learn how to calculate our carbon footprint and learn of creative ways to reduce that footprint. In partnership with Canada’s leading provider of carbon management solutions, Offsetters, EasyPark purchases carbon offsets for activities related to CMHC parking facilities programs to reach our goal of becoming 100% carbon neutral.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. In partnership with The City of Vancouver and BC Hydro, EasyPark was the first parking company in Vancouver to offer Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. We currently have 10 EV Charging Stations located throughout downtown Vancouver and plan to increase the number of locations to 12 or more by the end of 2014.

Carbon Neutral EasyPark Fleet. EasyPark operates a fleet of eight vehicles, ranging from compact Fiats to large trucks for snow clearing and equipment movement. As of 2014, this fleet has a carbon neutral footprint due to the purchase of carbon offsets through Offsetters this amounts to a savings of 29.685 tonnes of CO2e for 2014. 

City of Vancouver Corporate Climate Leader program. EasyPark is currently the only parking program that is enrolled in the City of Vancouver Climate Smart program, which was launched in 2011. Although EasyPark is new to this program, our CEO, Nigel Bullers, spearheaded the entry of his previous company (Securiguard) into this program. Securiguard was one of the first nine companies to join the program in Vancouver. Nigel was also an advocate and presenter at Climate Smart seminars.

EasyPark App and Pay-by-Phone. EasyPark is currently the only parking management company in Canada with our own mobile app that allows customers to pay for parking in the virtual world while on the go. This was developed and launched in 2010 as a way of reducing paper consumption, coin collections, and wear and tear on meters which require energy to repair and service. This convenient means of payment is quickly becoming accepted by customers and is furthering our goal to become carbon neutral.

FlexPass. EasyPark launched Vancouver’s first FlexPass, which allows customers to use parking when they want, rather than being tied to specific term contracts. Under the old model of monthly parking, commuters are reluctant to take public transit or ride bikes if they have already paid for an entire month of parking. FlexPass allows customers to pre-load their parking pass and only pay for parking on the days that they actually park; thereby leaving them free to use alternate means of transportation.

Online Violation and Dispute Portal. EasyPark’s Online Violations Portal presents real-time information to the customer about their violations, and offers them the choice to pay or appeal online. This greatly reduces the amount of paper and postage services that are required for a more traditional mail-oriented response process. Since the portal’s inception in 2009, EasyPark has seen a 75% migration to our online payment and appeals process.

Other green initiatives include:

  • E-Scooter and bike security patrols of our lots
  • Migration to a security provider with 100% hybrid vehicles
  • Partnerships with Car2Go, Evo, Modo, ZipCar and other ride-share companies within our lots
  • Free bike parking offered at many EasyPark lots
  • Adopted paperless fax by migrating to E-Fax to each individual computer station
  • Attended facilities provide a reduced carpool rate
  • All of our outdoor metered locations use meters that have solar panels. EasyPark was the first company to adopt these energy-free meters in 2002
  • Participating in the “Green At Work” Organic Compost Program at our Head Office
  • Recycling all paper-stock, forms, receipts, and tickets used

EasyPark’s Commitment to Social Sustainability

EasyPark is a socially responsible company, dedicated to supporting local initiatives and important social causes. The majority of our parking facilities are located in Vancouver, and on our lots, we encounter multi-barriered individuals who struggle socially and economically in the city. For this reason, we like to partner with and support local initiatives, charities and causes that help and improve the community and residents of Vancouver.

Employment opportunities. EasyPark partners with Mission Possible, a Vancouver Downtown Eastside humanitarian agency, which helps provide individuals who are challenged by homelessness and poverty, attain meaningful work. In the past year, Mission Possible staff has provided services such as cleaning and power washing for local EasyPark lots.

Support for charities and local causes. During the past year, EasyPark has supported the following causes:

  • Abbotsford International Airshow
  • Abreast In a Boat (Dragon Boat Teams)
  • Asian Canadian Writers Workshop
  • BC Children's Hospital Foundation
  • BCSPCA Paws for a Cause
  • Bright Nights (Train Ride in Stanley Park)
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Chinatown Community Police Centre
  • DOXA (Documentary Film Festival)
  • Greater Vancouver Food Bank
  • Hope Air
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Museum of Vancouver
  • Pink Shirt Day
  • Richmond Food Bank
  • Starlight Children's Foundation Canada
  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation
  • Tapestry Foundation
  • The Ride to Conquer Cancer
  • The Shoebox Project
  • The Vancouver Sun Run
  • Union Gospel Mission
  • United Way
  • Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre
  • Vancouver Chinatown Foundation
  • Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Association
  • Vancouver International Jazz Festival
  • Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company
  • Vancouver Queer Film Festival
  • YWCA